Musings of Space and Recollections of the Journey so far.

IIT Bombay's Satellite 101 Wiki launched 3 years ago on the eve of National Science Day. It has helped many students over the years gaining over 1.5 lac…
Spotify comes up with an original series on Indian Space History narrated by the renowned commentator - Mission ISRO with Harsha Bhogle.
Chandrayaan 2 Vikram Lander attempted to land on the moon in the early hours of 7th Sep'19. Learn how students of IIT Bombay witnessed this historical…
Embark on the journey of an aerospace nerd from being fascinated at the age of eight to be a in the satellite team to launch Pratham and now going for a…
A list of courses and student activities compiled as a guide for space nerds at IIT Bombay to help them take decisions to pursue their interests.
Aerospace Engineer writes the review for the Bollywood movie Mission Mangal loosely based on ISRO's Mars Orbiter Mission (2013).
A rare annular solar eclipse occurred on Summer Solstice 2020. The phenomenon was visible from Asia, Africa. Here are some solar eclipse photos from…
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