Aniruddha Ranade, Scientist/Engineer at Space Applications Centre, Ahmedabad, shares his experiences of working at ISRO for the past year.
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CEO Pavlo Tanasyuk discusses Spacebit's future plans, their upcoming mission, Asagumo Rover, and the advantages of collaborating on NASA CLPS missions.
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Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST) established as an autonomous body under the Department of Space, Government of India realises…
AstroSat Space Talks with students who have worked with the data from various instruments of AstroSat, on the occasion of the fifth launch anniversary.
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Daksha is a proposed space mission being developed by IIT Bombay for detecting high energy counterparts to gravitational wave sources like GW170817.
Interview with JPL's Robotics Technologist Saptarshi Bandyopadhyay who recently won a NIAC grant for Lunar Crater Radio Telescope.
GeorgiaTech graduate student, Ameya Behere talks about his experiences at IIT Bombay, internships at Gulfstream Aerospace and Green Aviation Research.