Understanding the space technology and aerospace engineering behind the recent Pixxel's Anand Satellite Launch Scrub.

January 2021

Ham Radio Club IIT Bombay is conducting a Virtual Ground Station Workshop. Learn the basics of Amateur Radio, Satellite Tracking, and many more...

June 2020

Lessons Learnt from three space missions; X-33, Hubble and Delta 180; to understand the different Systems Engineering failures in a complex aerospace…

May 2020

Crew Dragon Demo-2 Mission Flight Director Zebulon Scoville explains the operations of the space vehicle once it is launched by the Falcon-9 rocket from…
Learn why the US Air Force used "Beer Cans" in the second Jupiter Missile test. The answer lies within the problem of rocket fuel sloshing.
A journey to the past to understand the physics of rotating bodies through the case study of the USA's first satellite- Explorer-1.

April 2020

Aerospace Engineering has five major specialisations: aerodynamics, propulsion, structures, controls and systems.

March 2020

All engineering disciplines contribute to make space technology possible.
Aerospace Engineering has had one of the fastest growths. It's not because we travel at supersonic and hypersonics speeds. But, because from the first…