India's First Remote Sensing Satellite, IRS-1A paved the path of many new technologies, ground segment and managerial aspects of ISRO as we know it…

October 2020

Embark on the journey of India's Maiden Moon Shot: Chandrayaan-1, right from how the mission was conceived to finding water on the lunar surface.

September 2020

PSLV, the workhorse of ISRO, launched for the first time on 20 September 1993 as the PSLV-D1 mission. Though the mission failed, a lot of lessons were…
EDUSAT, India's first dedicated education satellite launched in Sept 2004 onboard GSLV-F01, served as a learning opportunity in Spacecraft Mission…
Kalpana-1 / MetSat-1 was the first dedicated meteorological (weather) satellite. Learn about this ISRO spacecraft which functioned for 15 years.

August 2020

In almost 60 years of the Indian Space Program, many industries have been involved in the complete success we have had. Here is a list of 50 ISRO…
India's first satellite launch vehicle SLV-3 had a partially unsuccessful first flight. Learn 4 valuable lessons from the journey of this SLV-3 E1…

July 2020

Forty years ago, India launched it's first orbital flight with Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV-3) carrying the Rohini (RS-1) satellite.

June 2020

Delve a little deeper into the life of the father of Indian Space Programme on the occasion of Vikram Sarabhai Centenary Celebrations.

April 2020

Know much more about the story of India's first satellite Aryabhata started under Dr Vikram Sarabhai and Prof U R Rao of ISRO.
INSAT-1 series satellites launched on different launch vehicles. Know how they came into existence.

March 2020

Revisit the beginning of Indian Space Programme (ISRO) as it happened on 21st November 1963 with the first Sounding Rocket Launch from TERLS, Thumba.